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أ ب ت ث ج ح خ د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ك ل م ن ه و ي
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Quran - By Word
  1. Al-Fatihah (The Opening) [7]
  2. Al-Baqarah (The Cow) [286]
  3. Al-'Imran (The Family of Amran) [200]
  4. An-Nisa' (The Women) [176]
  5. Al-Ma'idah (The Food) [120]
  6. Al-An'am (The Cattle) [165]
  7. Al-A'raf (The Elevated Places) [206]
  8. Al-Anfal (Voluntary Gifts) [75]
  9. Al-Bara'at / At-Taubah (The Immunity) [129]
  10. Yunus (Jonah) [109]
  11. Hud (Hud) [123]
  12. Yusuf (Joseph) [111]
  13. Ar-Ra'd (The Thunder) [43]
  14. Ibrahim (Abraham) [52]
  15. Al-Hijr (The Rock) [99]
  16. An-Nahl (The Bee) [128]
  17. Bani Isra'il (The Israelites) [111]
  18. Al-Kahf (The Cave) [110]
  19. Maryam (Mary) [98]
  20. Ta Ha (Ta Ha) [135]
  21. Al-Anbiya' (The Prophets) [112]
  22. Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage) [78]
  23. Al-Mu'minun (The Believers) [118]
  24. An-Nur (The Light) [64]
  25. Al-Furqan (The Discrimination) [77]
  26. Ash-Shu'ara' (The Poets) [227]
  27. An-Naml (The Naml) [93]
  28. Al-Qasas (The Narrative) [88]
  29. Al-'Ankabut (The Spider) [69]
  30. Ar-Rum (The Romans) [60]
  31. Luqman (Luqman) [34]
  32. As-Sajdah (The Adoration) [30]
  33. Al-Ahzab (The Allies) [73]
  34. Al-Saba' (The Saba') [54]
  35. Al-Fatir (The Originator) [45]
  36. Ya Sin (Ya Sin) [83]
  37. As-Saffat (Those Ranging in Ranks) [182]
  38. Sad (Sad) [88]
  39. Az-Zumar (The Companies) [75]
  40. Al-Mu'min (The Believer) [85]
  41. Ha Mim (Ha Mim) [54]
  42. Ash-Shura (Counsel) [53]
  43. Az-Zukhruf (Gold) [89]
  44. Ad-Dukhan (The Drought) [59]
  45. Al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling) [37]
  46. Al-Ahqaf (The Sandhills) [35]
  47. Muhammad (Muhammad) [38]
  48. Al-Fath (The Victory) [29]
  49. Al-Hujurat (The Apartments) [18]
  50. Qaf (Qaf) [45]
  51. Ad-Dhariyat (The Scatterers) [60]
  52. At-Tur (The Mountain) [49]
  53. An-Najm (The Star) [62]
  54. Al-Qamar (The Moon) [55]
  55. Ar-Rahman (The Beneficent) [78]
  56. Al-Waqi'ah (The Event) [96]
  57. Al-Hadid (Iron) [29]
  58. Al-Mujadilah (The Pleading Woman) [22]
  59. Al-Hashr (The Banishment) [24]
  60. Al-Mumtahanah (The Woman who is Examined) [13]
  61. As-Saff (The Ranks) [14]
  62. Al-Jumu'ah (The Congregation) [11]
  63. Al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites) [11]
  64. At-Taghabun (The Manifestation of Losses) [18]
  65. At-Talaq (Divorce) [12]
  66. At-Tahrim (The Prohibition) [12]
  67. Al-Mulk (The Kingdom) [30]
  68. Al-Qalam (The Pen) [52]
  69. Al-Haqqah (The Sure Truth) [52]
  70. Al-Ma'arij (The Ways of Ascent) [44]
  71. Nuh (Noah) [28]
  72. Al-Jinn (The Jinn) [28]
  73. Al-Muzzammil (The One Covering Himself) [20]
  74. Al-Muddaththir (The One Wrapping Himself Up) [56]
  75. Al-Qiyamah (The Resurrection) [40]
  76. Al-Insan (The Man) [31]
  77. Al-Mursalat (Those Sent Forth) [50]
  78. An-Naba' (The Announcement) [40]
  79. An-Nazi'at (Those Who Yearn) [46]
  80. 'Abasa (He Frowned) [42]
  81. At-Takwir (The Folding Up) [29]
  82. Al-Infitar (The Cleaving) [19]
  83. At-Tatfif (Default in Duty) [36]
  84. Al-Inshiqaq (The Bursting Asunder) [25]
  85. Al-Buruj (The Stars) [22]
  86. At-Tariq (The Comer by Night) [17]
  87. Al-A'la (The Most High) [19]
  88. Al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming Event) [26]
  89. Al-Fajr (The Daybreak) [30]
  90. Al-Balad (The City) [20]
  91. Ash-Shams (The Sun) [15]
  92. Al-Lail (The Night) [21]
  93. Ad-Duha (The Brightness of the Day) [11]
  94. Al-Inshirah (The Expansion) [8]
  95. At-Tin (The Fig) [8]
  96. Al-'Alaq (The Clot) [19]
  97. Al-Qadr (The Majesty) [5]
  98. Al-Bayyinah (The Clear Evidence) [8]
  99. Al-Zilzal (The Shaking) [8]
  100. Al-'Adiyat (The Assaulters) [11]
  101. Al-Qari'ah (The Calamity) [11]
  102. At-Takathur (The Abundance of Wealth) [8]
  103. Al-'Asr (The Time) [3]
  104. Al-Humazah (The Slanderer) [9]
  105. Al-Fil (The Elephant) [5]
  106. Al-Quraish (The Quraish) [4]
  107. Al-Ma'un (Acts of Kindness) [7]
  108. Al-Kauthar (The Abundance of Good) [3]
  109. Al-Kafirun (The Disbelievers) [6]
  110. An-Nasr (The Help) [3]
  111. Al-Lahab (The Flame) [5]
  112. Al-Ikhlas (The Unity) [4]
  113. Al-Falaq (The Dawn) [5]
  114. An-Nas (The Men) [6]
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Don't just read the Quran ... UNDERSTAND IT.

Quran Vocabulary and Word-for-Word English Translation

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إِنَّاIndeed,فَتَحْنَاWe have given victory,لَكَto youفَتْحًاa victoryمُّبِينًاclear. 1

لِّيَغْفِرَThat may forgiveلَكَfor youٱللَّهُAllahمَاwhatتَقَدَّمَprecededمِنofذَنۢبِكَyour faultوَمَاand whatتَأَخَّرَwill followوَيُتِمَّand completeنِعْمَتَهُۥHis favorعَلَيْكَupon youوَيَهْدِيَكَand guide youصِرَٲطًا(to) a PathمُّسْتَقِيمًاStraight, 2

وَيَنصُرَكَ ٱللَّهُAnd Allah may help youنَصْرًا(with) a helpعَزِيزًاmighty. 3

هُوَHeٱلَّذِىٓ(is) the One Whoأَنزَلَsent downٱلسَّكِينَةَ[the] tranquilityفِىin(to)قُلُوبِ(the) heartsٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَ(of) the believersلِيَزْدَادُوٓاْthat they may increaseإِيمَـٰنًا(in) faithمَّعَwithإِيمَـٰنِهِمْ‌ۗtheir faith.وَلِلَّهِAnd for Allahجُنُودُ(are the) hostsٱلسَّمَـٰوَٲتِ(of) the heavensوَٱلْأَرْضِ‌ۚand the earth,وَكَانَ ٱللَّهُand Allahعَلِيمًا(is) All-Knower,حَكِيمًاAll-Wise. 4

لِّيُدْخِلَThat He may admitٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَthe believing menوَٱلْمُؤْمِنَـٰتِand the believing womenجَنَّـٰتٍ(to) Gardensتَجْرِىflowمِنfromتَحْتِهَاunderneath themٱلْأَنْهَـٰرُthe riversخَـٰلِدِينَ(to) abide foreverفِيهَاtherein,وَيُكَفِّرَand (to) removeعَنْهُمْfrom themسَيِّـَٔـاتِهِمْ‌ۚtheir misdeeds,وَكَانَand isذَٲلِكَthatعِندَwithٱللَّهِAllahفَوْزًاa successعَظِيمًاgreat. 5

وَيُعَذِّبَAnd He (may) punishٱلْمُنَـٰفِقِينَthe hypocrite menوَٱلْمُنَـٰفِقَـٰتِand the hypocrite womenوَٱلْمُشْرِكِينَand the polytheist menوَٱلْمُشْرِكَـٰتِand the polytheist women,ٱلظَّآنِّينَwho assumeبِٱللَّهِabout Allahظَنَّan assumptionٱلسَّوْءِ‌ۚevil.عَلَيْهِمْUpon themدَآئِرَةُ(is) a turnٱلسَّوْءِ‌ۖ(of) evil,وَغَضِبَ ٱللَّهُand Allah`s wrath isعَلَيْهِمْupon themوَلَعَنَهُمْand He has cursed themوَأَعَدَّand preparedلَهُمْfor themجَهَنَّمَ‌ۖHell,وَسَآءَتْand evilمَصِيرًا(is the) destination. 6

وَلِلَّهِAnd for Allahجُنُودُ(are the) hostsٱلسَّمَـٰوَٲتِ(of) the heavensوَٱلْأَرْضِ‌ۚand the earth.وَكَانَ ٱللَّهُand Allahعَزِيزًا(is) All-Mighty,حَكِيمًاAll-Wise. 7

إِنَّآIndeed, Weأَرْسَلْنَـٰكَ[We] have sent youشَـٰهِدًا(as) a witnessوَمُبَشِّرًاand (as) a bearer of glad tidingsوَنَذِيرًاand (as) a warner, 8

لِّتُؤْمِنُواْThat you may believeبِٱللَّهِin Allahوَرَسُولِهِۦand His Messengerوَتُعَزِّرُوهُand (may) honor himوَتُوَقِّرُوهُand respect himوَتُسَبِّحُوهُand glorify Himبُكْرَةًmorningوَأَصِيلاًand evening. 9

إِنَّIndeed,ٱلَّذِينَthose whoيُبَايِعُونَكَpledge allegiance to youإِنَّمَاonlyيُبَايِعُونَthey pledge allegianceٱللَّهَ(to) Allah.يَدُ(The) Handٱللَّهِ(of) Allahفَوْقَ(is) overأَيْدِيهِمْ‌ۚtheir hands.فَمَنThen whoeverنَّكَثَbreaks (his oath)فَإِنَّمَاthen onlyيَنكُثُhe breaksعَلَىٰagainstنَفْسِهِۦ‌ۖhimself,وَمَنْand whoeverأَوْفَىٰfulfilsبِمَاwhatعَـٰهَدَ عَلَيْهُ ٱللَّهَhe has covenanted with Allah,فَسَيُؤْتِيهِsoon He will give himأَجْرًاa rewardعَظِيمًاgreat. 10

سَيَقُولُWill sayلَكَto youٱلْمُخَلَّفُونَthose who remained behindمِنَofٱلْأَعْرَابِthe Bedouins,شَغَلَتْنَآ`Kept us busyأَمْوَٲلُنَاour propertiesوَأَهْلُونَاand our families,فَٱسْتَغْفِرْso ask forgivenessلَنَا‌ۚfor us.`يَقُولُونَThey sayبِأَلْسِنَتِهِمwith their tonguesمَّاwhatلَيْسَis notفِىinقُلُوبِهِمْ‌ۚtheir hearts.قُلْSay,فَمَن`Then whoيَمْلِكُhas powerلَكُمfor youمِّنَagainstٱللَّهِAllahشَيْــًٔا(in) anything,إِنْifأَرَادَHe intendsبِكُمْfor youضَرًّاharmأَوْorأَرَادَHe intendsبِكُمْfor youنَفْعَۢا‌ۚa benefit?بَلْNay,كَانَisٱللَّهُAllahبِمَاof whatتَعْمَلُونَyou doخَبِيرَۢاAll-Aware. 11

بَلْNay,ظَنَنتُمْyou thoughtأَنthatلَّن(would) neverيَنقَلِبَreturnٱلرَّسُولُthe Messengerوَٱلْمُؤْمِنُونَand the believersإِلَىٰٓtoأَهْلِيهِمْtheir familiesأَبَدًاever,وَزُيِّنَ ذَٲلِكَthat was made fair-seemingفِىinقُلُوبِكُمْyour hearts.وَظَنَنتُمْAnd you assumedظَنَّan assumptionٱلسَّوْءِevil,وَكُنتُمْand you becameقَوْمَۢاa peopleبُورًاruined.` 12

وَمَنAnd whoeverلَّمْ يُؤْمِنۢ(has) not believedبِٱللَّهِin Allahوَرَسُولِهِۦand His Messengerفَإِنَّآthen indeed, Weأَعْتَدْنَا[We] have preparedلِلْكَـٰفِرِينَfor the disbelieversسَعِيرًاa Blazing Fire. 13

وَلِلَّهِAnd for Allahمُلْكُ(is the) kingdomٱلسَّمَـٰوَٲتِ(of) the heavensوَٱلْأَرْضِ‌ۚand the earth.يَغْفِرُHe forgivesلِمَنwhomيَشَآءُHe willsوَيُعَذِّبُand punishesمَنwhomيَشَآءُ‌ۚHe wills.وَكَانَAnd isٱللَّهُAllahغَفُورًاOft-Forgiving,رَّحِيمًاMost Merciful. 14

سَيَقُولُWill sayٱلْمُخَلَّفُونَthose who remained behindإِذَاwhenٱنطَلَقْتُمْyou set forthإِلَىٰtowardsمَغَانِمَ(the) spoils of warلِتَأْخُذُوهَاto take it,ذَرُونَا`Allow usنَتَّبِعْكُمْ‌ۖ(to) follow you.`يُرِيدُونَThey wishأَنtoيُبَدِّلُواْchangeكَلَـٰمَ(the) Wordsٱللَّهِ‌ۚ(of) Allah.قُلSay,لَّن`Neverتَتَّبِعُونَاwill you follow us.كَذَٲلِكُمْThusقَالَ ٱللَّهُAllah saidمِن قَبْلُ‌ۖbefore.`فَسَيَقُولُونَThen they will say,بَلْ`Nay,تَحْسُدُونَنَا‌ۚyou envy us.`بَلْNay,كَانُواْthey wereلَاnotيَفْقَهُونَunderstandingإِلَّاexceptقَلِيلاًa little. 15

قُلSayلِّلْمُخَلَّفِينَto those who remained behindمِنَofٱلْأَعْرَابِthe Bedouins,سَتُدْعَوْنَ`You will be calledإِلَىٰtoقَوْمٍa people,أُوْلِى بَأْسٍpossessors of military mightشَدِيدٍgreat;تُقَـٰتِلُونَهُمْyou will fight them,أَوْorيُسْلِمُونَ‌ۖthey will submit.فَإِنThen ifتُطِيعُواْyou obey,يُؤْتِكُمُ ٱللَّهُAllah will give youأَجْرًاa rewardحَسَنًا‌ۖgood;وَإِنbut ifتَتَوَلَّوْاْyou turn awayكَمَاasتَوَلَّيْتُمyou turned awayمِّن قَبْلُbefore,يُعَذِّبْكُمْHe will punish youعَذَابًا(with) a punishmentأَلِيمًاpainful.` 16

لَّيْسَNot isعَلَىuponٱلْأَعْمَىٰthe blindحَرَجٌany blameوَلَاand notعَلَىonٱلْأَعْرَجِthe lameحَرَجٌany blameوَلَاand notعَلَىonٱلْمَرِيضِthe sickحَرَجٌ‌ۗany blame.وَمَنAnd whoeverيُطِعِobeysٱللَّهَAllahوَرَسُولَهُۥand His Messenger,يُدْخِلْهُHe will admit himجَنَّـٰتٍ(to) Gardensتَجْرِىflowمِنfromتَحْتِهَاunderneath themٱلْأَنْهَـٰرُ‌ۖthe rivers,وَمَنbut whoeverيَتَوَلَّturns away,يُعَذِّبْهُHe will punish himعَذَابًا(with) a punishmentأَلِيمًاpainful. 17

۞ لَّقَدْCertainlyرَضِىَ ٱللَّهُAllah was pleasedعَنِwithٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَthe believersإِذْwhenيُبَايِعُونَكَthey pledged allegiance to youتَحْتَunderٱلشَّجَرَةِthe tree,فَعَلِمَand He knewمَاwhatفِى(was) inقُلُوبِهِمْtheir hearts,فَأَنزَلَso He sent downٱلسَّكِينَةَthe tranquilityعَلَيْهِمْupon themوَأَثَـٰبَهُمْand rewarded themفَتْحًا(with) a victoryقَرِيبًاnear, 18

وَمَغَانِمَAnd spoils of warكَثِيرَةًmuchيَأْخُذُونَهَا‌ۗthat they will take;وَكَانَand isٱللَّهُAllahعَزِيزًاAll-Mighty,حَكِيمًاAll-Wise. 19

وَعَدَكُمُ ٱللَّهُAllah has promised youمَغَانِمَspoils of warكَثِيرَةًmuchتَأْخُذُونَهَاthat you will take it,فَعَجَّلَand He has hastenedلَكُمْfor youهَـٰذِهِۦthisوَكَفَّand has withheldأَيْدِىَ(the) handsٱلنَّاسِ(of) the peopleعَنكُمْfrom you -وَلِتَكُونَthat it may beءَايَةًa signلِّلْمُؤْمِنِينَfor the believersوَيَهْدِيَكُمْand He may guide youصِرَٲطًا(to the) PathمُّسْتَقِيمًاStraight. 20

وَأُخْرَىٰAnd others,لَمْnotتَقْدِرُواْyou had powerعَلَيْهَاover themقَدْsurelyأَحَاطَ ٱللَّهُAllah encompassedبِهَا‌ۚthem,وَكَانَand isٱللَّهُAllahعَلَىٰoverكُلِّallشَىْءٍthingsقَدِيرًاAll-Powerful. 21

وَلَوْAnd if,قَـٰتَلَكُمُfight you,ٱلَّذِينَthose whoكَفَرُواْdisbelieve,لَوَلَّوُاْsurely they would turnٱلْأَدْبَـٰرَthe backs.ثُمَّThenلَاnotيَجِدُونَthey would findوَلِيًّاany protectorوَلَاand notنَصِيرًاany helper. 22

سُنَّةَ(The established) wayٱللَّهِ(of) Allahٱلَّتِىwhichقَدْ خَلَتْpassed awayمِن قَبْلُ‌ۖbefore,وَلَنand neverتَجِدَyou will findلِسُنَّةِ ٱللَّهِin (the) way of Allahتَبْدِيلاًany change. 23

وَهُوَAnd Heٱلَّذِى(is) the One Whoكَفَّwithheldأَيْدِيَهُمْtheir handsعَنكُمْfrom youوَأَيْدِيَكُمْand your handsعَنْهُمfrom themبِبَطْنِwithinمَكَّةَMakkah,مِنۢ بَعْدِafterأَنْthatأَظْفَرَكُمْHe gave you victoryعَلَيْهِمْ‌ۚover them.وَكَانَAnd isٱللَّهُAllahبِمَاof whatتَعْمَلُونَyou doبَصِيرًاAll-Seer. 24

هُمُTheyٱلَّذِينَ(are) those whoكَفَرُواْdisbelievedوَصَدُّوكُمْand hindered youعَنِfromٱلْمَسْجِدِ ٱلْحَرَامِAl-Masjid Al-Haraamوَٱلْهَدْىَwhile the offeringمَعْكُوفًا(was) preventedأَنfromيَبْلُغَreachingمَحِلَّهُۥ‌ۚits place (of sacrifice).وَلَوْلَاAnd if notرِجَالٌ(for) menمُّؤْمِنُونَbelievingوَنِسَآءٌand womenمُّؤْمِنَـٰتٌbelievingلَّمْnotتَعْلَمُوهُمْyou knew themأَنthatتَطَــُٔوهُمْyou may trample themفَتُصِيبَكُمand would befall youمِّنْهُمfrom themمَّعَرَّةُۢany harmبِغَيْرِwithoutعِلْمٍ‌ۖknowledge.لِّيُدْخِلَ ٱللَّهُThat Allah may admitفِىtoرَحْمَتِهِۦHis Mercyمَنwhomيَشَآءُ‌ۚHe wills.لَوْIfتَزَيَّلُواْthey had been apartلَعَذَّبْنَاsurely, We would have punishedٱلَّذِينَthose whoكَفَرُواْdisbelievedمِنْهُمْamong themعَذَابًا(with) a punishmentأَلِيمًاpainful. 25

إِذْWhenجَعَلَhad putٱلَّذِينَthose whoكَفَرُواْdisbelievedفِىinقُلُوبِهِمُtheir heartsٱلْحَمِيَّةَdisdain -حَمِيَّةَ(the) disdainٱلْجَـٰهِلِيَّةِ(of) the time of ignorance.فَأَنزَلَ ٱللَّهُThen Allah sent downسَكِينَتَهُۥHis tranquilityعَلَىٰuponرَسُولِهِۦHis Messengerوَعَلَىand uponٱلْمُؤْمِنِينَthe believersوَأَلْزَمَهُمْand made them adhereكَلِمَةَ(to the) wordٱلتَّقْوَىٰ(of) righteousness,وَكَانُوٓاْand they wereأَحَقَّmore deservingبِهَاof itوَأَهْلَهَا‌ۚand worthy of it.وَكَانَAnd isٱللَّهُAllahبِكُلِّof everyشَىْءٍthingعَلِيمًاAll-Knower. 26

لَّقَدْCertainly,صَدَقَ ٱللَّهُAllah has fulfilledرَسُولَهُHis Messenger’sٱلرُّءْيَاvisionبِٱلْحَقِّ‌ۖin truth.لَتَدْخُلُنَّSurely, you will enterٱلْمَسْجِدَ ٱلْحَرَامَAl-Masjid Al-Haraamإِنifشَآءَ ٱللَّهُAllah wills,ءَامِنِينَsecure,مُحَلِّقِينَhaving shavedرُءُوسَكُمْyour headsوَمُقَصِّرِينَand shortened,لَاnotتَخَافُونَ‌ۖfearing.فَعَلِمَBut He knewمَاwhatلَمْnotتَعْلَمُواْyou knew,فَجَعَلَand He madeمِن دُونِbesidesذَٲلِكَthatفَتْحًاa victoryقَرِيبًاnear. 27

هُوَHeٱلَّذِىٓ(is) the One Whoأَرْسَلَ(has) sentرَسُولَهُۥHis Messengerبِٱلْهُدَىٰwith guidanceوَدِينِand (the) religion,ٱلْحَقِّthe trueلِيُظْهِرَهُۥthat He (may) make it prevailعَلَىoverٱلدِّينِthe religionsكُلِّهِۦ‌ۚall.وَكَفَىٰAnd sufficient isبِٱللَّهِAllahشَهِيدًا(as) a Witness. 28

مُّحَمَّدٌMuhammadرَّسُولُ ٱللَّهِ‌ۚ(is the) Messenger of Allah,وَٱلَّذِينَand those whoمَعَهُۥٓ(are) with himأَشِدَّآءُ(are) firmعَلَىagainstٱلْكُفَّارِthe disbelieversرُحَمَآءُand mercifulبَيْنَهُمْ‌ۖamong themselves.تَرَٮٰهُمْYou see themرُكَّعًاbowingسُجَّدًاand prostrating,يَبْتَغُونَseekingفَضْلاًBountyمِّنَ ٱللَّهِfrom Allahوَرِضْوَٲنًا‌ۖand pleasure.سِيمَاهُمْTheir markفِى(is) onوُجُوهِهِمtheir facesمِّنْfromأَثَرِ(the) traceٱلسُّجُودِ‌ۚ(of) the prostration.ذَٲلِكَThatمَثَلُهُمْ(is) their similitudeفِىinٱلتَّوْرَٮٰةِ‌ۚthe Taurah.وَمَثَلُهُمْAnd their similitudeفِىinٱلْإِنجِيلِthe Injeel,كَزَرْعٍ(is) like a seedأَخْرَجَ(which) sends forthشَطْــَٔهُۥits shootفَـَٔـازَرَهُۥthen strengthens it,فَٱسْتَغْلَظَthen it becomes thickفَٱسْتَوَىٰand it standsعَلَىٰuponسُوقِهِۦits stemيُعْجِبُdelightingٱلزُّرَّاعَthe sowersلِيَغِيظَthat He (may) enrageبِهِمُby themٱلْكُفَّارَ‌ۗthe disbelievers.وَعَدَ ٱللَّهُAllah has promisedٱلَّذِينَthose whoءَامَنُواْbelieveوَعَمِلُواْand doٱلصَّـٰلِحَـٰتِrighteous deedsمِنْهُمamong them,مَّغْفِرَةًforgivenessوَأَجْرًاand a rewardعَظِيمَۢاgreat. 29

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